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Man this cheered me right the fuck up. Plus, some great animation, everything had a nice smooooth flow to it.

yeah, im going to say this is a fairly nice flash. Especially considering that on face value it looked like something more critically satirical. Anamation had a nice unique feel and your sound was great, nice job you two.

came in thinking this was going to be a casual hateflash , but relieved to find its something pretty awesome. my two favorite bits are how well you can convey emotion with those facial expressions, and the fluidity of movement, though i don't think we got to see that to fullest given that you can only be so active sitting on a couch.

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Awesome to the maX!!! addicting, simple, lots of upgrades fantastic music- major looting " i don't know how many upgrades i got from just replaying the 1st level" in short good work i hope it goes viral.

Vibe13 responds:

thanks man - you're support is much appreciated.

This was pretty good reminded me of the better newgrounds games like alien hominid and such, the idea of dinosaurs versus aliens with them being able to wield guns, just works well.

I played this on a laptop so its inevitable that i would have had a tougher time, the music is good it sets a good mood, sound effects are nice and clear but i cant help but feel it could be better. not bad but not great.

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wow, this is so serene , nice and rellaxing but still fast and upbeat enough to go for a walk on. Im gonna start listening to this whenever i go to create something- thank you sexual lobster! whever you may be!

and from the eye was shed a single tear.

wow, i visited here trying to find some good music , instead i found far more emotional. there's a site called kickstarter if you ever want to run donations for your stuff.

hania responds:

That's a great idea but one of the requirements of Kickstarter is that you are a US resident. I live in Australia :(

sounds good.

It really blends together well.Maybe they should just start using stuff like this in the games hyper battles. a ten for mistro .

might i download this somewhere?

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Dude this looks amazing, loving the "ds3 pus of man" vibes but this has so much more life to it. The pose and the lighting especially make it feel really animated, whoever's playing in that campaign is in for some fun.

" the dunkin the hills will wake you, from a thousand deaths, a cup of blackened blood , dying, dying, your dying for a cup"

really well done shad, love the saturation

well well, i didn't realize you had a newgrounds account- nice.
overall i gotta say this is some of the best work i've seen in this type of category . i especialy like how the shading allows you to play with the creatures figure. i didn;t realize it had wraith figure until my eyes really adjusted- nice job 10

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